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"Who will lend Allah a good loan so that He can increase it many times?" (Qur'an, 2:245)

At SK Foundation and Alubadia we strive to provide effective and swift humanitarian assistance for all our emergency appeals, our aim is to rectify in any way possible lives of those devastated whether it's by disasters or poverty. Alhamdulliah to date we have done many projects with help of our regular and very generous donors, from orphan children marriages, emergency health care, poverty, housing, and regular food parcels for the poor and homeless. By making a small regular pledge you can make a huge difference in the lives of the most vulnerable around the globe. 

New build Mosque Project started off by our beloved late father Alhaj Haji Sardar Khan Project overlooked and managed from start to finish March 2015- December 2019

May 2014

Charity car wash to raise funds for the Syrian Crisis partnered with Save The Mothers Trust

August 2019

Helped raise funds towards replacement clothing and uniforms for all orphan children at Alubadia Orphanage in KPK Pakistan

October 2019

helped raise funds for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Partnered with UC3 & UMMAH WELFARE TRUST

In October 2019 Helped raise funds towards a house renovation for a very poor family in kharetha (Pakistan) partnered with Alubadia Orphanage

December 2019

helped raise funds for expansion of Hamza Mosque in Todmorden, Partnered with White  Pearl Foundation

Janurary 2020

Rohingya Appeal Street Collection Partnered with OneVision Charity

July 2020

charity car wash to raise funds towards the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Partnered with One Nation Charity

January 2021 Orphans bridal marriage support campaign video

February 2021 sent new clothing to pakistan for street children partnered with Rizwan Shabir from Al Saaf Charity

Sk foundation New build mosque project located in Gujjarkhan in pakistan

August 2014

Fundraising event to help those in need in Palestine. Partnered with Interpal Charity

September 2019

 Helped raise funds for humanitarian Crisis in Syria, partnered with White Pearl Foundation

October 2019

 helped raise funds towards urgent heart operation for 13 year old Faizan from Kotli Pakistan. Partnered with Alubadia Orphanage

October 2019

 helped raise funds towards an urgent heart procedure for daughter of Mrs Shazia from Mirpur Pakistan. Partnered with Alubadia Orphanage

December 2019

helped raise funds towards 5 marriges partnered with Alubadia Orphan Girl Bridal Campain

April 2020

made sure our exhausted hardworking nhs staff were shown appreciation throughout the pandemic, we handed out free deserts at hospital and care homes

December 2020

helped raise funds for an urgent operation for a victim of an electricity related accident in Pakistan, Parentered with Alubadia Orphanage

Feburary/March 2021

Appeal to raise funds to build the father of a family of 5 blind siblings a small business to provide for the family and maintain a stable living, Partnered with Alubadia Orphanage

Help provide food parcels for the poor, homeless, slums in pakistan , partnered with Alubadia Orphange

Sk foundation & Alubadia orphanage orphans girls bridal marriage support campaign appeal for 3 orphan girls in pakistan

construction work yet to be completed at Alubadia Orphanage in pakistan